A New Show Opens And A Proven Hit Wins Plaudits

Business doesn't sit still, and neither does BUSINESS WEEK. In recent years, we have continually expanded our coverage, added new departments, brightened the graphics, and revamped our design to keep pace with the dynamic world we cover. With this issue, we add a new spice to the rich mix we offer our readers: Up Front, a two-page section directly following the table of contents.

Capitalizing on BUSINESS WEEK's worldwide resources, Up Front will dish up exclusive, well-reported pieces on business, economics, government, and people behind the news. It will sometimes be irreverent, sometimes offbeat, and always provocative. From corner-office excesses to inside-the-Beltway follies, Up Front will strive to be fresh, sassy, and to the point. (The BUSINESS WEEK Index can now be found on page 103.)

Department Editor Larry Light will oversee Up Front. Larry migrates from a four-year stint as Corporate Finance Editor, where he covered the 1980s' fallout of bankruptcies and other woes. A veteran journalist who came to us from Newsday's business desk, Larry has covered state politics, Presidential elections, and Washington. Aiding him is Assistant Editor Julie Tilsner, who joined us a year ago after picking up a master's degree in journalism at Columbia University. Associate Art Director Jay Petrow brings his distinctive visual flair to Up Front. Jay, who came aboard in 1987, has worked at Sports Illustrated and Time.

FROM THE DAY WE LAUNCHED IT IN 1986, our annual Mutual Fund Scoreboard issue has been a big hit with readers. Now, we're delighted to find that the Scoreboard, with data-crunching supplied by Morningstar Inc., is similarly prized by the folks who really know mutual funds: mutual-fund executives.

Securities Industry Management magazine polled fund marketers and asked them to turn the tables on fund raters. Of seven publications scrutinized, BUSINESS WEEK earned the highest mark: A-. No other publication came close. Our Scoreboard, says SIM, gets "high marks for being an innovator and for solid editorial comment."

Missed the 1993 edition? It's still available as part of BUSINESS WEEK's Guide to Mutual Funds. The third edition is currently in bookstores ($14.95) or available directly from McGraw-Hill Inc. at 800 2MCGRAW. For computer users, Scoreboard updates are available as often as every month via the BUSINESS WEEK Mutual Fund Scoreboard on diskette. For more information, call 800 553-3575.