Wall Street Rocket Science Comes To Main Street

According to the Federal Reserve, one in two U.S. households has a member who owns stock in a publicly traded company. To help all those investors track their holdings at home, Market Arts Inc. will soon introduce software that gives them the power of a Wall Street professional.

Called Windows on Wall Street, the $295 program works on any IBM-compatible PC running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows software. Like other programs, the software allows investors to retrieve current stock data from on-line services such as CompuServe. But instead of presenting the data in tabular form, Windows on Wall Street can chart the data along many indicators, from price and volume to sophisticated measures such as daily moving averages. The Dallas-based spin-off of graphics-software maker Micrografx Inc. says the software can even be programmed to print out customized stock reports on the PC's printer each morning. That way, investors won't have to pore over the daily stock charts to see how their companies are doing.

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