A Presentation Tool With Some Nifty Tricks

Computers can be a double-edged sword for traveling salespeople. For example, putting all of a presentation's slides and charts on a notebook PC can make a sales pitch come alive. But it also means having to crowd around the PC and have clients look over your shoulder. Now, General Parametrics Corp. in Berkeley, Calif., has developed a device to give everyone a bit more breathing room.

Called the VideoShow Presenter, the 1-pound handheld device resembles an oversized TV remote control. The $1,645 unit also features a 4-inch color liquid crystal display panel that mimics what is displayed on the PC's screen. Not only does that allow the presenter to move away from the computer but it can also do all sorts of nifty tricks. Special software will allow the presenter to secretly preview upcoming slides or display presentation notes on the LCD. That way, a sales rep can always have an an electronic crib sheet on hand.

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