Borland Joins The Gang With Group Sharing Software

One of the biggest trends in software is work-group computing, or programs that make it easy for teams of employees to share documents and collaborate on projects. So far, Lotus Development Corp. is leading that market with its Notes program, and Microsoft Corp., with its Windows for Workgroups software, has been pushing its own vision for collaborative software. Now, Borland International Inc. is getting into the game by unveiling on Sept. 14 what it calls a "comprehensive workgroup strategy."

The Scotts Valley (Calif.) company is adding two new features to updated versions of its popular Quattro Pro spreadsheet and Paradox data base. These new editions are priced at $495 each. The first new feature, called Workgroup Desktop, allows users to take a file, such as a sales report that was created with their spreadsheet, and post it on the network so that other users can view and manipulate it. To keep data secure, you must specify which of your colleagues have access. The second feature, the Object Exchange, acts as a bridge between many different types of electronic messaging systems, such as MCI Mail and cc:Mail, so that users can easily trade such reports over the network.

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