A Pocket Organizer That Can Even Nag You

Advances such as handwriting recognition have certainly made devices such as Apple Computer Corp.'s Newton MessagePad easier to use than traditional palmtop computers or electronic organizers. But at $800, a Newton isn't cheap, and you still must train it to read your scribble. Psion PLC, a London maker

of handheld organizers, thinks a talking organizer is the key to user-friendliness.

On Sept. 13, the company introduced the latest addition to its two-year-old line of Series 3 pocket organizers. Like its predecessors, Series 3a features built-in software--including word processor, spreadsheet, and data base that can share files with any IBM-compatible PC. But the $500 device also packs a special chip, microphone, and speaker that will allow owners to record voice messages as reminders for important events. So, while you're walking down the street, your organizer may blurt out: "Hey, you're late for your 2:30."

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