The Sales Force Didn't Create The Mess At Dec

As a member of Digital Equipment Corp.'s sales force for the past nine years, I find it particularly offensive that we as a group continue to be blamed for the problems facing this company ("Reveille for DEC's sleepy sales force," Information Processing, Aug. 30). I have not witnessed any Digital salespeople sleeping in my office. What I do see is a group of extremely dedicated, committed, and professional individuals trying to adjust to some major organizational changes.

The sales force did not decide on the technologies, did not develop the products, or even get to design the marketing campaigns. Our senior management is out of touch with the field. How does one sell "Imagine," the current marketing theme for all of our advertising? We don't need a recipe, but we need solid products for our customers to buy. And after it's sold, we need systems and people in place that let us get back in the field to sell instead of handholding every single order.

We deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I'm disappointed that management doesn't understand the psychology of badgering the team. I was taught you can get a horse to race a lot faster with some sugar than you can by beating him with a stick.

Peggy L. Hawkes

Sales Representative

Digital Equipment Corp.

Virginia Beach, Va.

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