Maybe A Nice Framed Portrait, Instead

If only we got more letters like this. Video Data Services, a franchisor in Pittsford, N.Y., recently wrote to promote the "quirky occurrences" that have plagued its independent videographers. To wit: A Cincinnati woman asks Video Data to transfer some old home movies of her husband onto video for their anniversary, then abruptly opts "to shoot her husband instead...with a gun!" While in jail, the wife recommends Video Data to a visiting friend, who transfers a film to tape as a gift for her mother. Mom watches the flick, takes "her last gasp of breath and [dies] of a heart attack."

Um, nice pitch. But maybe not such great marketing. Will anyone now dare transfer a movie to video? "People get very emotional" when they see the results, says Video Data President Stuart Dizak. The heart attack? "The ultimate satisfied customer." But not one who will tell her friends.

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