A Mouse That Can Roar In Three Dimensions

In attempts to make personal computers more "personal," many makers are working on the appearance of PCs and peripherals such as computer mice. Now, Logitech Inc., a leading maker of the pointing devices in Fremont, Calif., has come up with a mouse that it hopes will cause quite a buzz--literally.

CyberMan is a cross between a mouse and a joystick. It has a traditional mouse body but floats on top of a small pivot, allowing computer motion in three dimensions. Tilt the mouse back, for instance, and you could be looking "up," as if in a rising airplane. Indeed, CyberMan is geared for use in such PC games as flight simulators. Another plus for game enthusiasts is a vibrating motor that gives the player the sensation of being "hit" during the game. Logitech says more than 15 software companies will support the $129 CyberMan when it's available in October.

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