It's Time To Recognize Technology Managers

Thanks for a brief but insightful look at the changes in engineering education ("Coming off the drawing board: Better engineers?," Science & Technology, Aug. 2).

Another innovative, significantly undervalued (in our opinion) degree worthy of mention is the engineering management (EM) masters program at Stanford. The Stanford EM program offers a general management curriculum with a focus on the management of technology-intensive industries, products, processes, and people. EM students have technical degrees and at least two to four years of work experience. EM courses span the breadth of management disciplines, including managerial accounting, finance, organizational behavior, marketing, inventory and production control, and risk analysis, to name a few. The time has come to move technology managers from the back of the corporate bus into the board room.

Jack D. Peters Jr.

Outgoing President

Stanford Technology

Management Society

Stanford University

Stanford, Calif.

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