Did Taurus Cause That Bull Market?

Your report on market professionals who use astrology to help make investment decisions ("When Scorpio rises, stock will fall," Finance, June 14) contained two short-term predictions that should debunk this sort of nonsense.

The first quote, concerning June 10, said: "Saturn stationary retrograde square to solar eclipse...may touch off tight money. Restrictions. Depressive feelings. Down!"

No such luck.

The second, about June 24 and the position of Mars, said: "Bank failures, sharp market sell-off, tight money, currency crises, earthquakes, sunspots!"

Nice try.

These predictions are ridiculous. I can't believe you printed a serious story on this subject. At a minimum, you owe your readers a review of such prognostications, so people can see how absurd or dangerous it is to make financial decisions on the basis of astrology. After all, you do report on the track records of other, more professional forecasters.

Michael Rancer

San Jose, Calif.

Editor's note: Traditional performance measures for financial astrologers are scarce to nonexistent. One that has a measurable record is Crawford's Perspectives, quoted above. According to Hulbert Financial Services, Crawford's ranked No.7 last year among the 65 leading financial newsletters tracked by Hulbert. Following Crawford's recommendations during the three-year period ended Dec. 31 would have produced a gain of 40.4%, vs. 37.2% for the Wilshire 5,000-stock index. The newsletter ranked No.4 during the first quarter of 1993.

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