This Personal Trainer Pops Out Of A Cd

In the '80s, getting in shape at home meant popping your favorite workout tape into your VCR. But in the digital '90s, Computer Directions Inc. in Fresno, Calif., hopes home-fitness buffs will be sweating to their compact disks.

Fitness Partner is a CD-ROM (compact disk, read-only memory) that allows owners to create an exercise regimen based on their age, gender, fitness level, and weight-loss goals. The disk contains 75 full-motion video clips of an aerobics instructor performing various routines, such as "elbow circles" and "shoulder rolls." Exercisers can pick out individual routines, set the number of repetitions, speed up or slow down the instructor's pace, and even choose the type of music to work out by. The $69.95 CD works on any multimedia PC with a CD-ROM drive or the new Radio Shack Video Information System, which can play CD-ROMs on ordinary TV sets.

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