So Many Resources, So Little Wealth

Whether the subject is computer chips or fiber optics, BUSINESS WEEK has consistently led the way in covering technology and its influence on the way we live and work. So it should come as no surprise that BUSINESS WEEK is also at the forefront in applying new technology to its own business.

Earlier this year, the magazine's editors decided to "go multimedia" by taking our annual special issue, the BUSINESS WEEK 1000--in which we rank by market value the largest companies in America--and translating it into a CD-ROM product, replete with audio and video features.

Instead of getting a printed list of the companies, ranked in several different ways, users of the multimedia 1000 can now sift and sort them to suit their particular needs. If you want to learn more about a specific company, with the stroke of a key you can call up on your computer screens more detailed reports prepared by Standard & Poor's Corp., our sister unit at McGraw-Hill Inc. Those provide historical financial records, industry context, recent corporate developments, and other useful information.

The multimedia format has also made it possible for us to expand two features of our special issue: profiles of 25 executives and the photo essay. Thirteen of the executives agreed to discuss a range of issues in taped interviews, which were then collated into an "executive roundtable." And with this year's photo essay, which focuses on Chrysler Corp., you can watch and listen as factory workers and top executives describe key elements of their corporate turnaround.

All told, 32 BUSINESS WEEK staffers worked on the project for more than six months. Helping at every step was Ehrlich Associates Inc., an Oradell (N.J.)-based company that specializes in developing multimedia products. All in all, it was an exciting experience and--since our extensive coverage shows this is a burgeoning industry--it's sure to be the first of many CD-ROM products from BUSINESS WEEK.

Readers who want more information or wish to order the multimedia BUSINESS WEEK 1000, which costs $399, should call 800 396-0999.

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