Kiwi Air Lines Is Considering Repeat, Considering An Ipo

Your story "Little airlines, big opportunities" (Finance, July 5) captured what we and our financial advisers have believed for several years as we put together KIWI International Air Lines: that small, streamlined, and highly focused airlines can make big money if operated properly.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and the larger financial institutions finally realize that small airlines are fundamentally different from large airlines--and there is indeed great potential in this market segment--I would like to clear up a misquote in the article, which has caused some confusion among our financial partners and those wishing to become involved with KIWI.

KIWI International Air Lines is presently considering a full range of debt and equity options for our next step of funding. An initial public offering is only one of several options. There are several other forms of private and public funding under consideration. We must carefully weigh these options as we move forward.

Robert W. Iverson, Chairman and CEO

KIWI International Air Lines

Newark, N.J.

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