De Feo's Defection Prompts A P&G Suit

He may be no Jose Ignacio Lopez, but when operations executive Neil P. DeFeo quit Procter & Gamble on July 8 to join Clorox, P&G promptly filed a lawsuit. The consumer-products giant is concerned that DeFeo may know too much. P&G claims that DeFeo, who had been the company's top global planner for its detergent business, collected key strategic information on household cleaners, bleach, and laundry products before leaving. DeFeo could not be reached for comment. But in a statement, he denied the allegations, saying he's "disappointed and shocked" and plans to sue P&G for defamation. Meanwhile, Clorox has filed suit in California to void the provision in DeFeo's P&G stock-option agreement that prevents him from working for a rival company for three years.

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