Brooks Brothers Stands By Its Suits And Its Service

I am extremely concerned by your recent article "What's next? Grunge bathrobes?" (Marketing, June 21) about Brooks Brothers, which I believe gives a totally wrong impression to your readers. Some examples:

-- I made it very clear that under no circumstances were we pursuing policies that would jeopardize the confidence of the older and more traditional customer in Brooks Brothers product or service. Moreover, I stated clearly that attracting a new, slightly younger customer was only a modest part of developing our sales in an increasingly competitive retail climate, faced with a trend toward a more casual style of dressing.

-- To say that "the personal attention customers used to receive has all but disappeared" is rubbish. We are increasing the number of people on the sales floor during busy periods.

-- Although we no longer sew Brooks Brothers suits in our factory, they are better made and manufactured by a high-quality American suit manufacturer.

Sir Richard Greenbury, Chairman

Marks & Spencer PLC


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