A Piece Of The Health Care Package That's Already In Place

Your feature "Health-care reform: It's already here" (Social Issues, June 14) highlighted what many of us in the managed-health-care industry already know: Many features of the Clinton Administration's expected health-care-reform package have been in place for years.

The Maricopa Foundation for Medical Care in Phoenix provides competitive cost information to doctors and their patients prior to surgery. Dubbed Foundation INFORM, those doctors and patients who are required to obtain necessary "pretreatment" approval for scheduled surgery are supplied with the contracted charge and corresponding discounted prices (the true cost of surgery) for those hospitals and freestanding outpatient surgery centers for which the surgeon has privileges.

Armed with competitive cost information, patients working together with their doctors can make informed decisions and choose the least expensive


Mitchell Portnoy

Executive Vice-President

Symmetry Health Data Systems Inc.


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