Work & Family

Josephine C. Pigg, a former clerk with U.S. West Inc. in Grand Junction, Colo., was 14 months from retirement when her daughter, Tammie, 32, was diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis was not good, and Pigg decided to stay with Tammie in Denver rather than travel the 250 miles back and forth. At many other companies, Pigg would have been forced to leave. But her former boss, Penny Larson Hubbard, a director in the small-business services unit, figured out a way to keep Pigg working while she was sitting at her daughter's bedside. With the help of a human-resources manager, Hubbard found Pigg a job with U.S. West in Denver. While it was a good deed, Hubbard wasn't just trying to be nice. "Jo is valuable to our company," she says. "If our employees have done a good job, we try and accommodate their situation."

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