When Will Roseanne Have Her Own Card?

Once, there was the Elvis Presley MasterCard. Now, it's . . . the Louis Rukeyser card? The 430,000 well-heeled members of the starchy Wall $treet Week host's investment club soon will be offered their very own no-fee, low-rate Louis Rukeyser Wall Street Club gold MasterCard.

Rukeyser's offering joins an ever-widening array of cards, including one from another TV financial celeb, Charles J. Givens. Givens, author of More Wealth Without Risk, currently lacks a certain, oh, exclusivity. But only members can apply for the Rukeyser card, and for the brokerage, stock quotation, and long-distance phone services that will be announced in July. What they won't get, disappointingly, is Rukeyser's visage on the card itself. That precludes an otherwise inevitable Elvis-like debate among devotees: Should it be the young Lou or the old Lou? Rukeyser didn't return calls.


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