These Bacteria Want To Clean Your Drain

It's easy to dispose of most unwanted liquids--just pour them down the drain. But blood clogs drains and is a pollutant that many cities ban from disposal in the sewer systems. That creates headaches for hospitals, slaughterhouses, and mortuaries.

Environmental Biotech Inc. has a solution--put a Dracula in your drain. Within 90 days, the Sarasota (Fla.) company plans to field-test a cocktail of seven strains of bacteria that reduce blood to carbon dioxide and water, so it can run down the drain harmlessly. Through franchisees, the company will market a bacteria-filled chamber that can be hooked to drains. The company's first product was a set of 13 strains of bacteria that eat grease. Its customers include Burger King Corp. and Hilton Hotels Corp.

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