Detergents, Aisle 2. Pizza Hut, Aisle 5

If the cola business has a Holy Grail, it's shelf space. For decades, the industry giants have tried to beat competitors by squeezing them out of supermarket aisles. Now, PepsiCo Inc. is on the same quest in fast food. Its wholly owned fast-food restaurant chains--Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC--are already visible on many street corners in America. Next, the Purchase (N.Y.) cola giant wants virtually every American whose stomach growls to be within easy reach of a meal made by PepsiCo--whether there's a restaurant around or not. "It is really the mentality of the soft-drink business: Be ubiquitous in distribution," says Ronald N. Paul, president of Chicago-based food-industry consulting firm Technomic Inc.

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