There's Method In That Student Loan Proposal

Regarding Dean Foust's commentary ("Student loans ain't broke. Don't fix 'em," Finance, Apr. 5), I sincerely hope you don't consider President's Clinton's idea of the federal government controlling student loans as just another random brainstorm. Take a look at how the government is going to set aside scholarship money for minorities to promote "diversity." Having more federal control over student loans would make it easier to disburse money in accordance with the "politically correct" agenda of folks such as Donna Shalala and would certainly eliminate nagging questions about academic qualifications. Such control would also fall in nicely for the government to use student loans as a big stick to convince students that the National (Socialist) Student Service Corps envisioned by the President isn't such a bad idea. I may be wrong, but these seemingly disparate pieces seem to fit together.

David M. Cole

Fort Hood, Tex.

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