My T Rex Can Lick Your Stegosaurus

With Universal Pictures' new film Jurassic Park about to add fuel to the raging dinosaur craze, a beastly battle is breaking out between the small U.S. and Japanese companies that make lumbering, head-turning robots of prehistoric beasts for amusement parks and museums.

Tokyo-based K.K. Kokoro, wants to expand its U.S. sales by winning a prestigious account: a new dinosaur hall planned for 1995 by New York's American Museum of Natural History. Not to be outdone, Dinamation International, based in Irvine, Calif., is also talking to the museum. Meanwhile, it has taken the battle to Japan by putting 43 of its dinosaurs on display in Tokyo this summer. Dinamation contends that its beasts will win out because they're more "paleontologically correct" than Kokoro's. Kokoro, of course, claims its beasts are more authentic. Who's right? Maybe only the fossil record will tell for sure.

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