Electronic Messages From Phones, P Cs, Even Faxes

Tired of telephone tag? Fed up with voice mail? Motorola Inc. has a new paging system to reach those who are in the office but away from their desk. A small, 4-ounce pager alerts workers that they have a call on hold--and allows them to reach the caller by using any TouchTone phone. The system, from Motorola's Paging Products Group in Boynton Beach, Fla., also provides caller identification so that people who don't want to be interrupted can screen their calls.

The Site Connect system will relay electronic messages from personal computers and faxes as well. Another module will serve maintenance crews and others who need to stay in touch with security or factory monitoring systems. A paging system for 500 users will cost about $500 per user, says Steve Spiro, director of Customer Owned Paging Operations.

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