The Right One, Baby

In the world of baby bottles, wild and crazy ideas are usually not part of the formula. At least not until Steven Dunn founded Munchkin Bottling. The former venture capitalist persuaded PepsiCo and Dr Pepper/Seven-Up to let him use their logos on his baby bottles. Now, Dunn is shipping 75,000 bottles a day to Kmart, Woolworth, and other national chains. Bradford Licensing Associates, Pepsi's licensor, says Munchkin is now the cola giant's top U. S. licensee.

Is this the ultimate in cynical get-'em-while-they're-young marketing? Naw, says Bradford executive Fran Adams. "This is not an invitation to give children Pepsi," she says. "It's just fun." Pepsi says its research shows that parents don't mind at all seeing the logo of a mass-marketed, caffeinated, sweetened beverage in the nursery. Gee. How about a team-up between Pampers and Guess? Jeans? Maybe Pizza Hut pacifiers?

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