Mixed Grades For Michael Dell

After spending an evening sitting next to Michael Dell at the Young Entrepreneurs Organization dinner, I can assure you that the remarks from Compaq's CEO about Michael "sitting on his laurels" and not "moving forward" are wrong ("The education of Michael Dell," Cover Story, Mar. 22). He is not only organized, but his foresight and understanding of market conditions, operations, and future opponents show him to be quite a strategic planner to boot.

Mark Ostrofsky


I used to be a Dell customer and changed because of the deterioration of products and support that I experienced. Will Dell make it? Sure, but there are many companies that do well, grow somewhat beyond their resources, and survive for many years (even decades) with lackluster performance. The Peter Principle doesn't just apply to executives but companies, too. I am confident it will apply to Dell Computer.

Joseph W. Webb

Harrisville, R.I.