From Liverpool To Abbey Road, On A Pc

Coming to a PC near you: a digital history of the Fab Four. A set of two CD-ROM disks called The Compleat Beatles allows fans to browse through reams of video, audio, and printed information on the band that led the 1960s British pop-music craze. Type in the word "Apple," for instance, and you can choose from a full menu of information about the Beatles' record label.

The $90 pair of disks, from Carlsbad (Calif.)-based Compton's New Media Inc., will play on Apple Macintosh or IBM-compatible PCs equipped with CD-ROM drives. Due in computer superstores, consumer electronics stores, and record outlets by September, they'll contain a two-hour "rockumentary" that traces the Liverpool band's trek from England's cellar pubs to its breakup in 1969. Also on the disks are shortened versions of 66 songs and some 175 pages of text, including interviews with Paul McCartney and John Lennon.