Belly Up To The Keyboard

For most people, ordering drinks at a bar is much easier than actually making them. What is the ratio of vermouth to gin for an extra-dry martini? What ingredients make up a "Dennis the Menace"? (Peach schnapps, Malibu liquer, cranberry and orange juices.) Now, amateur barkeeps can find the answers on a personal computer.

Uneekware Inc., based in Temple Terrace, Fla., has come out with PC Bartender, a program that works on any PC running Microsoft Windows. PC Bartender allows owners to search a list of 3,200 concoctions, including party punches and other nonalcoholic drinks, by name or key ingredients. The $30 program also features information on glassware, alcohol-absorption rates, and helpful hints on how to mix drinks. Although it contains a section on "hangover remedies," the software doesn't include advice on how to be a good listener.