The Lopez Diet

Among the many idiosyncrasies of J. Ignacio Lopez de Arriortua, perhaps the quirkiest is his Warrior Diet. His pamphlet on it, Feeding the Warrior Spirit, became a must-read at General Motors Corp.

So how does a warrior chow down? The regimen combines familiar standards of healthy eating--lots of fruits and whole grains, avoidance of fats--with some odd rules. Lopez claims mixing carbohydrates and proteins in one meal hinders digestion. And in the morning, when the body cleanses itself of toxins, he advocates eating only fruit. He stops short of teetotalism. "Only drink good wine," he advises.

But even Lopez admitted that staffers sneaked bad food. "When they see me coming, they throw napkins over their cake," he said. Now that he's gone, GMers can pig out in peace.