Criminal Charges For Charles Knapp

As if he didn't have enough trouble. Charles W. Knapp, who filed for personal bankrupcy last September and is already a defendant in a civil case filed by the Resolution Trust Corp., was indicted Mar. 4 with two business associates.

The eight-count indictment, to which Knapp has pleaded not guilty, charges the former head of mortgage and investment company Trafalgar Holdings with fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy. At issue in both the RTC case and the indictment is a $15 million loan made to Trafalgar back in the summer of 1988 by Western Savings & Loan Assn. in Phoenix. According to the indictment, Knapp, along with financial adviser Anthony C. Sarno and Trafalgar's auditor, Joseph V. Nash, conspired to manufacture false financial statements in order to obtain the loan.

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