No Matter How You Look At Them, These Images Are In 3 D

Australian inventor Donald Martin says he has cracked the problem of building a system that produces 3-D moving images without special glasses. In previous systems, the images were fuzzy, or pulsed unpleasantly, or required a certain viewing angle. Martin's system uses vertical bars that whiz by in front of the screen while two closely spaced camera angles of a scene are projected on top of each other. Each eye sees the scene from the angle meant for it as the bars move by in an invisible blur.

Martin, managing director of Biceku Proprietary Ltd. in Spit Junction, a town in New South Wales, Australia, recently wowed a hard-to-impress viewer: James S. Lipscomb, the 3-D expert at IBM. Lipscomb says the prototype of Martin's system has certain drawbacks--mainly a lack of clarity--but is the only approach that gives 3-D images from multiple viewing angles without special glasses. Says Lipscomb: "No other technology even has a hope of doing that."

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