Talk About Caught With Your Pants Down

Rapper Marky Mark has few apparent talents beyond dropping his trousers onstage and modeling Calvin Klein underwear. Does that make him a bad person? Maybe not, but his 1988 conviction for the racially motivated beating of a Vietnamese man in Dorchester, Mass., does raise questions. At the time of the beating, Mark already was in legal trouble for shouting racial epithets at black schoolchildren in 1986. The singer, 21, has also been accused of making antigay statements.

Now, Asian-American and gay-rights organizations are demanding an apology from Marky, a.k.a. Mark Wahlberg. Failing that, the groups threaten a boycott of Calvin Klein products. Klein is pondering its next move, while Mark is busy with damage control. He attributes his past behavior to alcohol, drugs, and ignorance--not hate. "I was a foolish kid, a kid out of control, and I paid for it," he says.

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