Oh, No! Another Reason To Use A Credit Card

Shopping with a credit card or bank debit card may soon get even easier. No more signing a multipart form with a pen that skips, no more waiting for the sales clerk to separate it into pieces, no more ripping up the carbons just to be safe. Instead, if the store is equipped with a new gizmo from NCR Corp., you'll sign your name with a stylus on a liquid-crystal display screen.

The NCR 5991 is a box 7 1/2 inches square and 3 inches high that plugs into a point-of-sale terminal or electronic cash register. Its LCD screen digitizes signatures and sends them to the terminal for electronic storage. The result, according to NCR, is a significant reduction in paper clutter, better productivity, and fewer errors. If needed, the screen also can display previously captured signatures and graphics of promotional messages and pose questions to customers for instant market research.

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