A Rash Of Remedies For Cellular Phone Jitters

As large telecom companies such as Motorola Inc. and McCaw Cellular Communications Inc. search for answers to customers' fears of a possible link between handheld cellular phones and brain cancer, some companies are already claiming to have "solutions."

John J. Daniels, a patent attorney in East Haven, Conn., for instance, says he has filed an application with the U. S. Patent Office for a device that will either block or redirect most electromagnetic radiation emitted from a cellular phone's antenna. Cellularshield is still in prototype stage, but Daniels claims it could be ready for market within months. Other companies are hawking headsets that will keep the offending transmitter farther away from the user's head. Chicago-based BackCare Corp., an ergonomics consulting firm, says it will market a headset originally developed for use by the Swedish Coast Guard for hands-free communication. Another company, Jabra Corp. in San Diego, has a headset that places both a speaker and microphone in a tiny unit that fits in the ear.

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