Who Says You Can't Sell An Israeli Bond?

Your article "When the heart says 'invest in Israel' " (Personal Business, Jan. 18) states that there is no secondary market for Israeli bonds. You're stuck with them until maturity. I telephoned a discount broker and had no difficulty at all in obtaining an asking price for an Individual Variable Rate Israel Bond that I recently purchased.

Marc A. Schwartz

West Orange, N. J.

Editor's note: The State of Israel Bonds organization maintains that, with the exception of Current Income Bonds, no recent issue of Israeli bonds can be sold on the open market. Various bonds, including the Individual Variable Rate Issue bonds, can only be transferred to family members or donated to charitable or educational institutions. However, at least one Wall Street firm, Kern, Suslow Securities Inc., says it buys and sells all Israel bonds, whether or not they have transfer restrictions.

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