Clinton takes office with a lot of public goodwill, but perils loom. A new joint survey of 1,000 Americans by Tarrance Associates, a GOP outfit, and Greenberg-Lake, which polled for Clinton, found that 84% of the public approved of the way Clinton has handled the transition. The difficulties may come in the area of expectations. Two-thirds of those surveyed expect his policies to make a difference in economic performance, and a hefty majority think he'll accomplish much of what he has promised. The public also backs Clinton's recent emphasis on trimming the budget deficit. While 62% support Clinton's economic program, only 35% of respondents said they would back it if it increased the deficit. Asked what would do most to boost the economy in the long run, 24% said better job training, 15% called for deficit reduction, and 12% wanted a crackdown on unfair trade practices. Only 9% went for transportation infrastructure programs and 5% for a middle-class tax cut. Meanwhile, the poll also found that George Bush has rebounded to a 57% favorable rating.

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