Duracell: Where Its Voltage Is

In "Duracell looks abroad for more juice" (The Corporation, Dec. 21), you say Duracell has little room for growth in the U. S. But we say it has ample room to grow, both within and outside the U. S., and from new battery products. We view growth outside the U. S. as incremental. Your view is more dramatic but less factual.

You say Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts "took charge" of Duracell after the leveraged buyout. We say instead that KKR provided and provides outstanding financial support while allowing Duracell to run the battery business.

You say Duracell's growth outside the U. S. has been "lackluster." We sayDuracell's three-year unit growth in Europe between 1989 and 1992 was 7%. In other international markets, it was 21%. If that is "lackluster," it's time to order a new dictionary.

C. Robert Kidder

Chairman and CEO

Duracell International Inc.

Bethel, Conn.