The Best Of 1992

What a year! The economic clouds slowly parted to reveal a slimmed-down, competitive U.S. corporate world. As signs of a recovery took hold, an exceptional number of businesspeople and products made their mark in 1992. In these pages, you'll find a high-tech manager who made the U.S. No.1 in chips again. A shrewd entrepreneur who pushed her startup to second place in the business software market. A brilliant retailer who embodies the selling culture. A back-to-basics banker who "scrooged" her bank to success. A European CEO building a stateless corporation. A beautiful new notebook computer you can slip into a docking station to make a workstation. A surprising new car line that jumps the quality hurdle. An altimeter watch that gives you the number of feet you ski in a day or in a year. A mountain bike with a terrific suspension. A no-hassle, no-dicker sales method that customers just love. An idea that could make government efficient and less costly. Companies that helped out in a severe hurricane.

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