A Beef At Taco Bell

Your article "Indigestion at Taco Bell" (The Corporation, Dec. 14) was just plain unfair, and it reflected a shocking ignorance of the restaurant industry, best illustrated by your description of Taco Bell sales as "lackluster."

Is this a joke? Taco Bell's average restaurant sales have grown at more than 11 times the industry growth rate since 1988, making dozens of our franchisees multimillionaires. During that time, our average sales have grown by 40%, while industry real growth has only been 3.5%. Your characterization of our performance is absurd.

John E. Martin

President, CEO

Taco Bell Corp.

Irvine, Calif.

Editor's note: A chart with the story showed that Taco Bell's same-store sales growth had slowed substantially since 1990.