Virtual Yucks For Computer Jocks

Take this joke, please. At the Comdex computer show in Las Vegas, from Nov. 16 to 20, comedy software was competing for laughs with the lounge acts. There was Just Joking, a compendium of 2,800 cross-referenced jokes from Wordstar International Inc. of Novato, Calif. The company suggests using the $49 program to liven up documents by injecting quips from the likes of Steve Martin. If Martin's humor is too sophisticated, Comedy Software Ltd. of Los Angeles sells a $29 program with 8,500 Milton Berle jokes. It plans Henny Youngman and Phyllis Diller versions, too.

Funny sound-effects programs are also big, now that Windows 3.1 handles audio. Sound Explosion, $49.95 from Programmer's Warehouse in Scottsdale, Ariz., lets you add more than 500 bangs, bells, animal sounds, cheers, and the like to your Windows commands. The sound of a toilet flushing, for instance, can be programmed for whenever you hit "delete." That's sure to get a chuckle in some circles.

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