Mercedes' New S Cars: The `S' Stands For Sticker Shock

In the article "Downshift at Daimler" (The Corporation, Nov. 16), you note that "Mercedes' top-of-the-line S-class cars . . . are turning in disappointing sales." Then you ask if the S-class cars have "too high a price."

Let me tell you how high. In June of last year we purchased a new 420-SEL with a sticker price of $63,000. The current equivalent car, a 400-SEL (the 420-SEL is no longer in production), has a sticker price of $81,000.

When you add the increased luxury tax and additional state sales taxes, this price increase comes to a huge 34%.

Think I'll drive my current Mercedes-Benz for a few more years.

Roger Tyndall

Fernandina Beach, Fla.

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