Cellu Law Phone

You probably know the feeling. There you are, tooling along the highway in your execu-mobile (equipped with cellular phone, natch), when you're seized with a sudden desire to learn just what federal tax law has to say about capital-gains distributions from oil-drilling master limited partnerships formed on or before Dec. 31, 1985. O. K., so maybe you just want to know whether you can pay off your parking tickets by check.

In either case, if the highway you're cruising down is in Chicago, central Illinois, or northwestern Indiana, you can dial *LAW on your mobile phone and get your answer via the new legal-information line from Cellular One, a cellular-service provider. The cost: $25 per call (eat your heart out, Alan Dershowitz), plus regular airtime charges. But now that we can dial up legal advice along with sports scores, stock quotes, and jokes, what's next? How about a hotline for lawyer jokes?

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