Sure, Perot Spoke For Himself. That's A Mistake?

In reference to the commentary "Ross Perot, plain as day" (Top of the News, Nov. 9), it appears that BUSINESS WEEK has joined the ranks of the popular media helping to assure that no candidate ever again will attempt to directly connect with the American people. Yes, it is obvious to us all, Wendy Zellner, that Ross Perot needed a media consultant. And I'm sure the next independent candidate will have learned from Perot's fatal mistake of attempting to think and speak for himself, on his feet, without help. Perhaps then in 1996, things can get back to normal. . . . Get your Lawrence Welk music ready.

Frank Mascarich

Westfield, N.J.

P.S. The "To be read aloud in a high, nasal drawl" offends me so much that if I ever find a publication that is as informative and as well-put-together as BUSINESS WEEK is, I will switch in a flash.