Nissan Vs. Ford: Comparing Values

Regarding Larry Armstrong's "A stylish sedan--sans sticker shock" (Personal Business, Nov. 9), it has been shown that people don't buy the stripped-down version of a car line, so $13,000 for the base Altima is no big deal. Compare the GXE version loaded the way most people buy their cars, and you have a different story.

In April, I bought the newly designed 1992 Taurus LX optioned out with the 3.8-liter engine, dual air bags, antilock brakes, leather interior, climate control, electric moonroof, and more for $18,400 plus tax. Just compare the size and value of my Ford family sedan to the Altima. I call that a bargain--and no dirty looks from my United Auto Workers friends, since the car was made in Chicago by an American company.

Sales of the Altima are currently running below company expectations. Maybe my example can help explain the reason why.

Kenneth M. Tkatch

Boardman, Ohio