How Business Feels About Bill Clinton Now

      -- What is the most important signal the new President can send business and 
      the financial markets about his future intentions?
      Reduce the deficit           17%
      Reduce government spending   10%
      Avoid tax hikes               8%
      Stimulate the economy         7%
      Offer business incentives     7%
      All others/Don't know        51%
      -- If the economy remains sluggish through January, should President-elect 
      Clinton push for short-term economic stimulus or try to boost long-term 
      Push short-term economic stimulus    17%
      Boost long-term investment           78%
      Not sure                              5%
      -- A President can't do everything in his first 100 days. Which of the 
      following portions of his program should Clinton implement in his first 100 
      days, do later, or not do at all?
                                                  Implement  Do   Not do Not
                                                   100 days later at all sure
      Investment tax credit                           86%     10%    4%   0%
      Increased taxes on highest earners              28%     28%   44%   0%
      Expanded federal support for education and training
                                                      27%     62%   11%   0%
      Reform health-care system                       25%     69%    6%   0%
      Middle-class tax cut                            20%     36%   44%   0%
      -- President-elect Clinton says he would like to cut the federal deficit in 
      half over the next four years. Given the magnitude of the deficit problem and 
      the need to boost economic growth, do you think his plan is too cautious, about 
      right, or too ambitious?
      Too cautious          10%
      About right           28%
      Too ambitious         61%
      Not sure               1%
      -- President-elect Clinton is backing a health-care reform proposal that would 
      require employers to buy coverage for their employees, either from private 
      insurers or from a public plan. Companies that couldn't afford coverage on 
      their own would be helped by tax credits, and a national ceiling would be set 
      on health-care spending. Do you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat 
      oppose, or strongly oppose that plan?
      Strongly favor         7%
      Somewhat favor        42%
      Somewhat oppose       24%
      Strongly oppose       25%
      Not sure               2%
      GRAB BAG
      -- Let me read you some statements about President-elect Clinton. For each, 
      tell me whether you agree strongly, agree somewhat, disagree somewhat, or 
      disagree strongly.
                  Agree    Agree  Disagree  Disagree Not
                strongly somewhat somewhat  stronglysure
      He doesn't understand how business works
                  18%        36%    37%         8%   1%
      He'll boost public confidence in the economy and could spur consumer spending
                  10%        66%    18%         5%   1%
      He's trying to do too much and spend too much
                  33%        37%    20%         6%   4%
      With a President and Congress from the same party, the government will be able 
      to accomplish more
                 26%         43%   20%         10%   1%
      He'll be captured by Democratic interest groups
                 32%         44%   19%          4%   1%
      His plan may actually work and spur investment
                 5%          59%   24%          8%   4%
      His program will saddle business with costly new regulations
               40%           37%   18%          3%   2%
      He'll get tough with Japan on trade
              11%            45%   34%          8%   2%
      Like many Democrats, he's temperamentally hostile to business
              13%           31%    42%         14%   0%
      The country needs youth and energy to meet the challenges of the '90s
              39%           35%    18%          7%   1%
      -- Which of the following statements is closest to your view of the incoming 
      Clinton-Gore Administration?*
                                                  Nov.  July-Aug.
      They are a new breed of Democrats more attuned to economic growth and the 
      concerns of middle-class Americans           53%     33%
      They are posing as champions of growth and the middle class, but are really 
      "tax and spend" liberals in disguise       45%     64%
      Not sure                                      2%      3%
      *July-Aug. poll referred to "the Clinton-Gore Ticket"
      --  Now thinking about your company, do you think it will do better in a 
      Clinton Administration, worse, or about the same?
      Better         19%
      Worse          23%
      About the same 58%
      Not sure        0%
      Edited by Mark N. Vamos
      Survey of 400 senior executives at corporations drawn from the BUSINESS WEEK  
      Top 1000. Interviews were conducted Nov. 10-17, 1992, for BUSINESS WEEK by 
      Louis Harris & Associates Inc.