Chlorine In Excelsis Deo

Can't stand to roam packed shopping malls looking for holiday gifts? Does the stuff in your stack of mail-order catalogs all look the same? Maybe Gemini Fiberglass Products in Denver can help. This 34-year-old company's idea for a fresh, hassle-free gift: a mail-order swimming pool.

Made of fiberglass, these do-it-yourself pools come in a variety of sizes, starting with a model 4 feet deep and 15 feet across, which can be built above or below ground. Prices range from $3,000 to $25,000. The pools are shipped in sections, which Gemini President Bob Langkamp swears can be installed in two to three days, with "the tools you already have in your toolbox." You think swimming pools don't have a Christmas feel to them? No problem, says Langkamp. Because fiberglass won't crack in freezing weather, Gemini pools can hold water year round. Makes them perfect for ice-skating.