More Homemakers May Be Just What The Economy Needs

Your commentary "Family care: Tips for companies that are trying to help" (Top of the News, Sept. 28) asserts that the economy would suffer great harm if one parent in each household with children left the paid labor market. The assertions are based on superficial analyses of minimal data. No consideration is given to the contributions the nonemployed spouses would make to their families, schools, and communities. Nor is consideration given to the greater effectiveness the remaining workers would have on the job because of reduced absenteeism to care for household and family duties.

The author comments on the tremendous cost of drug addiction and crime but apparently didn't consider it curious that those horrible problems have grown up during the same 25-year period that homemakers have been leaving the home to join the paid labor force. Tell us again why we can't afford to have parents devote more time and energy to raising our children.

David J. Arthur

Ruth E. Arthur

Costa Mesa, Calif.

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