Buick Has No Intention Of Junking The Skylark

Your story "GM is meaner, but hardly leaner" (Top of the News, Oct. 19), quoting analysts, gave the incorrect impression that the Buick Skylark may be targeted for cancellation. If your writers had called Buick, they would have learned (1) there are no such plans, and (2) Skylark sales for the first 10 months of 1992 exceeded those for the same period in 1991.

Indeed, Buick has been a star in the marketplace in the past two years. In the 1991 model year, Buick led the industry (domestic and import) in sales volume increase and market share increase. In the 1992 model year, Buick's LeSabre was the No. 1-selling full-size car. And in the first few weeks of the 1993 model year, Buick sales were up 12.3%--including a 142% increase for Skylark--while the industry was up only 0.6%.

J.E. DeCou

Director of Public Relations

Buick Motor Div.

General Motors Corp.

Flint, Mich.

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