Work Boots Fit Fine For Now

In response to "From wingtips to work boots" (Top of the News, Oct. 19), I know exactly how Amos Crowley feels and what he went through. As a former stockbroker for E.F. Hutton & Co., I am now working on a production line in a manufacturing plant. After looking for positions for over a year, this was the only job I could find. My fellow employees wonder why I am doing this type of work, and I tell them: "It's basic survival." Also, it is simple, honest work. No games. No politics. No egos.

Like Crowley, I have a sense of accomplishment at day's end as I see what I have done. But it's a sad state of affairs when you work for an education--I hold an MBA--and then can't use it. I continue to look for another job, but in the interim, I appreciate what I have.

Brian Napoli

Medina, N.Y.