Think You Could Fix The Deficit? This Software Lets You Try

The way Ross Perot talks about it, eliminating the federal budget deficit seems as easy as apple pie. Want to try it yourself? With a program called Uncle Sam's Budget Balancer, you can. Slash spending, raise taxes, and rid the country of silly inefficiencies--all with a few keystrokes on your IBM PC-compatible computer.

Developed as a public service by Banner Blue Software Inc. in Fremont, Calif., the program lists all the items in the President's $1.5 trillion, fiscal-1993 budget. Menus offer about 300 deficit-cutting options, all researched by the Congressional Budget Office. Just select a few, and turn the government's nearly $400 billion deficit into a surplus. But the program warns you of consequences: Impose a stiff gasoline tax, and truckers, oil execs, auto makers, and an irate electorate will be breathing down your neck. Cut into Social Security benefits, and senior citizens may stage riots. There's nothing to lose, though: Subscribers to the CompuServe or America On-Line networks can download Budget Balancer for free. All others can order a $10 diskette from Banner.

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