At Philips, Multimedia Hits The Road

So-called multimedia systems promise to help folks out in many ways. Instead of flipping through charts, for example, sales reps could wow prospects with stereo sound, full-motion video, and computer graphics. That is, if they want to lug around all the gear needed to make multimedia presentations work. Now, the U.S. arm of Dutch giant Philips Electronics thinks it has a solution.

Philips Consumer Electronics Co., based in Knoxville, Tenn., has introduced a portable player that adheres to Philips' compact disk-interactive (CDI) multimedia standard. The 4 1/2-pound, $1,995 CDI 360 Portable can reproduce stereo sound, video, text, and graphics using built-in speakers and a full-color, liquid-crystal display screen, or external facilities. It can play any current CDI title. One customer, Caltex Petroleum Corp. in Dallas, is using the player to sell a line of diesel fuels.

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